Today, it has been cool and rainy here which was the perfect excuse to hit up the french bakery, make paper dolls, have a tea party, watch old Gilmore Girls episodes and (naturally) princess movies.

As Bear Grylls would say, "If I'm honest" this week has, "not been ideal." In some ways, it has been a crap week. After some tears, my husband drug me out to our favorite bookstore, a sure-fire cheer-me-upper. It wasn't working, so we wandered over to the music section. He placed head phones over my ears, cued up this song on the listening booth, hit play, smiled and walked away.

I so love this man.

Magical things really are happening in the world. I love that he reminds me of that, even after hard days.

I'm stocking up on the good stuff. Here's some things I have found. I hope they help you, too.

-The most fabulous summer mosaic I've seen from Emma Bradshaw here.
-An uplifting story of moms helping moms from Amanda Blake Soule.
-Travel inspiration from my friends Jill & Steve.
-The funniest story from my friend Ross about an unlikely robbery.
-A really good person became an American citizen this week. America is a little brighter to have a citizen in my friend and gifted writer Mwabi Kaira.

I'm slowly working my way through photo editing my last wedding, savoring every bite.

Yes, magical things are all around.


Ami said...

I'm sorry things have been hard. Remember that to a lot of people YOU are one of those magical things. Take care of yourself.

~ Denise ~ said...

I agree with Ami - I love coming to your site and enjoying the always delightful music, heart-touching photos and most of all, just a sweet sense of who you are. (said without being creepy...lol)

Hope things begin to brighten up around you. ;)

Ross Wetzel said...

I didn't think anyone read my blog. I'm so touched.

Katy Heskett Gibbs said...

I always leave your site feeling uplifted regardless of how I felt when I came to your site. Thanks for making my days better. Take care of you and G and the little A.
Hugs from MN, Katy

African girl, American world said...

I'm just now seeing this...you're too kind. Love ya!