Stars Hollow for Sailors

My latest travel obsession began with a lovely post about sailing a Sunfish on Lake Michigan here...which led to a search about Lake Michigan sailing... which led to the discovery that there is a town called Holland, Michigan.

Holland was my grandfather's last word before he passed. It was the name of his home, too. So I check out Holland, MI and find that there's a college there named Hope with an anchor in the middle of campus. Love that. And! Just so no nautical reference goes unturned, there's a lighthouse and an adorable knit shop {Lizzie Ann's Wool Company} with this in the window. {yes, that's rope}

Even the local library is picturesque...

AND! There are cottages kids. Wrap around porch, sandy path, screened in porch, hardwood floor lovin' cottages. Would they need a translator to understand my southern accent? Probably. Would I care? neh. I may have to plan a trip. Of course it could never live up to how it looks in my mind. If anyone reading lives there or has been there, tell us all about it!! Are the downtown sidewalks really heated in the winter?

Speaking of cottages, love this NYTimes story on a couple who bought a house for 90K and turned it into something amazing. Be sure and check out the slideshow. Love the colors!


grimsaburger said...

If you go, pick us up on the way there. Seriously, we're but a quick hour and a half away.
Cottages on Lake Michigan are, as far as I'm concerned, the reason why this area of the world exists. Spouse and I spent maybe the best two days of our lives together in one last summer.

boatbaby said...

Thanks for the link to my sailing blurb :) It IS that beautiful in that part of the country. It's the winter that weeds people out and keeps it from being over developed. The beaches and water and little towns and fruits stands and vineyards and antique shops and artists flats of Lake Michigan from Holland on south are a fabulous little secret!